Courtney - The Creative Mastermind/Designer/Builder

Courtney is the one in charge of the whole N&M operation from start to finish. Courtney is the one you will chat with about your design options, she's the one who will design your piece, create it, package it and ship it... and she will love every second of it. 

Courtney began N&M as a way to combat boredom + have something for herself while on maternity leave after having McCoy. Since then, N&M has grown and evolved tremendously - it has provided enough of an income that Courtney has been able to step back to part time real life work, while providing Courtney with a creative outlet and the opportunity to connect with people all over the place, which, if you know Courtney, you know that this is a huge perk to owning her own business as Courtney LOVES making new friends :)

Tom - The Husbeast

Tom is Courtney's husband, lovingly referred to as Husbeast. Tom helps out with N&M builds occassionally, if he's bored enough or if Courtney really needs a hand. Tom is more the behind-the-scenes support guy, tolerating the mess that Courtney makes in the garage while cheering her on as she grows her business. 

Nash - The Shop Hand

Nash loves to be out in the garage and loves learning how to use the N&M tools. There's even a chance that an N&M item purchased by you was (partially) built by Nash! If this was the case, then Nash was also likely very concerned about who was receiving the item he'd built, as well as how much profit he would receive in exchange for the work he put into it. He is a born entrepreneur and who knows, maybe someday he will be Courtney's partner in running the N&M business!

McCoy - The Clean Up Crew + The Quality Control Technician

McCoy loves to help out in the garage while Courtney is working. His favorite job? Sweeping the floor. This works out great because cleaning is an area where Courtney's skills are somewhat lacking... McCoy is also N&M's chief control technician. He is always the first to comment on a new design, saying things like, "Mom, I really like your new sign!" or "Mom, I don't like that one so much." McCoy is always there with his overly honest opinions to help ensure that N&M customers always get the best items possible. 

Oakleigh - Sissy Roo, The Princess

Little Sissy Roo has been dubbed "The Princess" of the N&M family by her brothers but doesn't quite have an official role in the N&M business world yet, although she is often right in there with Courtney throughout the entire process: sitting on Courtney's lap during the design process, playing with paintbrushes during the painting process or handing Courtney pieces during glue ups. Oakleigh often accompanies Courtney on material runs and is often in charge of choosing new paint colors to add to the N&M collection. 

Ashley - Creative Assistant + Master Painter

Ashley & Courtney met when their oldest kids (Nash & Gracie - pictured on the right with Ashley in the picture above. Little sister Nova is the cutie on the left) began going to school together and they quickly became very close friends. Ashley also quickly became a super critical part of the N&M business as she is the Master Painter who has helped Courtney paint many, many, MANY N&M pieces. Ashley and Courtney get together on Thursday nights to paint, drink wine and visit. These paint nights have turned into not only something that is essential for the N&M business (because there's no way Courtney could complete the amount of orders that she does without Ashley's help!!), but also something that Courtney LOVES and always looks forward to.

Ashley is also one of the very first people who see N&M's new designs. Courtney often goes to Ashley for her creative opinion on designs and layouts of signs, as well as for her thoughts on colors. There is almost nothing that leaves the N&M workshop that Ashley hasn't already seen and given her opinion on or worked on personally!